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SCM Pratix N15 C NBR CNC router
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SCM Pratix N15 C NBR CNC router
Pratix N15 C NBR
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Used SCM Pratix N15 C NBR 5’ x 12’ CNC ROUTER


The SCM GROUP is world leader in the woodworking machinery and systems industry and produces the most comprehensive range of machinery: from standard machines for artisan companies up to integrated lines for industrial production of furniture, doors and windows. Through dedicated companies, the Group also operates in the plastic, stone, glass and metal processing machinery industries. The company employs 3,800 people; it has 27 production plants in Italy and controls the entire production process thus guaranteeing high quality of the end product. It exports 70% of its production and has 22 subsidiaries in the main international markets; it is also present in 120 countries through a wide network of dealers; its turnover is around 700 million Euros. Since its foundation the SCM Group has produced and sold more than 2 million machines throughout in the world.

(01.06.58) Base Design and Construction                                                                                                                         

The SCM Pratix N15 C owes its rigidity to the design and weight of its reinforced base and innovative one-piece frame.  All portions of the base are of heavy gauge steel and are normalized after welding, a process which ensures that all stress in the base is removed before it is machined and drilled for the guides.

Today's machining centers are being asked to perform a wide variety of operations at the highest speeds possible while, at the same time, maintaining a high quality of cut. Micro-vibrations are created around all types of CNC machining centers where there is head positioning, drilling, and high speed routing taking place on the machine base. SCM solves the problem of deadening vibration as well as offering rigidity by employing heavy gauge steel members for the base of the machine. This weight, coupled with the one-piece frame offers the best combination of rigidity and balanced strength on a bridge design. Movement along the X is high precision rack and pinion while the Y & Z-axes is driven by a ball screw. 

High Precision, High Load Prismatic Bearing Guides

SCM uses prismatic guides for support in all axes.  Due to their added weight load capability (approximately 4 times that of conventional round guides), prismatic type guides can permit accurate head positioning at high speeds.

A.C. Servo Motors X,Y & Z Axes

A.C. servomotors, or A.C. brushless motors as they are sometimes called, are the latest in electronic linear motion technology.  A.C. servomotors use less power and produce a more even output (drive) throughout the power band. The ability to maintain a constant torque setting when going from an idle setting into a heavy rout produces cleaner cuts and longer tool life. These motors are controlled by digital supply cards that offer the reliability and precision fine tuning associated with solid state electronics.

Solid State Inverter Controls Router RPM

Solid State frequency inverters support the programmable router spindle speeds (S functions). By utilizing digital inverter technology, the programmer can select the correct cutter RPM and match it to the correct linear/rotational feed speed for the specific application and/or material being cut. This will give optimum quality of cut while greatly extending tool life. The inverter also acts as an electronic brake, stopping the router spindle motor in microseconds if an emergency signal is given.

Xilog Plus Operator Interface

XILOG PLUS is the SCMI workstation management software developed as a highly flexible, powerful and user-friendly programming system.

  • The beginner will immediately find himself at ease in front of the intuitive XILOG PLUS interface. There are many graphic aids that eliminate the need to learn particular instructions or programming language.  
  • The more experienced computer user will also find himself at ease in a Windows® based operating environment, including all the features that this implies (i.e., cut and paste, multiple opening of files, etc.).
  • Those already familiar with previous SCMI programs will be able to choose whether to manage the machine in the new graphic environment or to continue with the traditional input of programming instructions with the alphanumeric keyboard. Moving quickly from one environment to the other is very simple. 

XILOG PLUS has two applications – to aid in programming and to allow operation of the machine.

Graphic programming interface

This application is a powerful graphic/text editor that aids in programming.  It manages program file as well as tooling information.  Especially helpful are the built-in macros, shortcuts that are used in performing repetitive tasks (routing arcs, drilling shelf holes, etc.).  Users can also customize macros for their own particular needs.

Machine Operation Interface:

This application allows the operator to recall programs and run them on the machine.  It tells the operator basic information about the program such as the working field, part size, etc.  It also has a very powerful machine diagnostic section with photos and troubleshooting aids.

Additional XILOG PLUS features:

  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Self diagnostics through error messages
  • Dynamic tool correction via PLC due to active wear concerning space and time.
  • Subroutine programming (canned cycle) with library
  • Specular programming: Allows writing of programs two different multiple reference points.  For example the Left or Right corner of a panel.
  • Parametric scaling of programs through use of template type programs that the operator creates and stores in memory.  Part programs can then be proportionally scaled up or down in size without the need to re-write the entire program.
  • Programs can be viewed from all 5 faces
  • Built in macros for simple, widely used programs
  • On board cycle optimization


Office PC Based Controller

The SCM Pratix N15 C uses an office PC for the operator interface.  This Windows XP based platform utilizes a CN unit to communicate with the machine.

(67.01.17) Remote Control Pendent                                                        

This remote control pendent allows the operator to freely move around the machine and control the machines functions without being restricted to the computer console.

(63.00.16) 15 HP (S6) Electrospindle Routing Unit

The routing unit is equipped with a power electro spindle and automatic tool changer.

The unit is mounted directly to the machine mobile upright.

It includes:

  • HSK F 63 quick release tool-holder
  • 1500-24000 rpm spindle speed    
  • (S1/S6) 8,5 /11 kW (11,5/15hp) constant motor power from 12000 to 18.000 rpm
  • Right and left rotation
  • Static inverter for continuous speed and rapid shutdown of rotation
  • Cooling by coaxial air flow
  • Exhaust hood around whole perimeter (200 mm diameter)


(63.03.03) Air Blower on Electrospindle

This device applies cool air on the tool, during the machining and facilitates with chip ejection.

(63.01.97) Touch Probe & Spoilboard Measuring Device                     

Dual Electronic system, one for detecting the work table and supporting panel height (spoil board, pods or fixture) the other for detecting tool length.

(63.00.18) 20 Position Tool Changer                                       

  •  Maximum number of tools that can be installed:                       20
  •  Tool attachment:                                                                        HSK 63F
  •  Maximum tool diameter that can be installed:                           120 mm

12 Spindle Drilling Unit

Technical Specifications:

Boring unit managed by the inverter of the electrospindle

  • No. 12 independent vertical spindles (7 right and 5 left)
  • Attachment for bits: M10 / 11 mm diameter
  • Center to-center distance between axes: 32 mm
  • Rotation speed: 4.000 rpm
  • 2,2 kW motor power
  • Vertical ON/OFF stroke of whole unit: 250 mm
  • Vertical ON/OFF stroke of each spindle: 60 mm
  • Exhaust hood around whole perimeter (150 mm diameter)

Aluminum Solid worktable for Component Nesting

The aluminum multi-function worktable has an answer to most component  nesting scenarios.   The table is designed of high tensile strength aircraft aluminum, and is slotted both transversely and longitudinally to accept many different fixturing devices. 

4 Left stops for "A" field of which no. 1 Side Stop and no. 3 Rear Stops

In addition to nesting full sheets, the Pratix N15 C can also be used for routing smaller components.  For work on the face of the component, rubber gasketing material can be used to isolate the vacuum for part hold-down.  This eliminates the need for special fixturing devices as is necessary on many machines.  When machining the edges of parts, the patented MODULSET system raises the component so work can take place without damage to the worktable.

The magnetic system for opening and closing the vacuum passages allows for an extremely quick table set up when the vacuum is only required in a portion of the table. With a dedicated tool (supplied) it is a matter of seconds to perform the set up with no need for a screw driver. PATENTED

8 Vacuum Areas Controlled By Electronic Switches

Automatic Unloading System

The Pratix N15 C NBR is equipped with an automatic unloading system which cleans dust from the top and the bottom while removing the machined material from the machine. Using this system the operator is able to load the next sheet without wasting time on cleaning the machine table.

This system can be supplied with an additional feature capable of completely clearing the machine area by pushing the material to an external table. This operation is performed while the machine is being loaded or even while it is already working again. This system allows for the stacking of the components to be performed in a completely masked time.  The off loading table is not included with the machine.

Dust Outlet – (1) 200mm (1) 150mm

Central Optimized Dust Collection System

It provides a single dust collection point for the electrospindle and Drilling unit allowing in this way to use the Dust Collection system more efficiently. Inside the main dust collector there are pneumatic cylinders that control automatically the opening/closing of each exhaust outlet when the operating unit is switched on/off.

Dust Outlet – (1) 200mm

Automatic Central Lube System

The correct amount of grease is applied to lubricate moving parts on the machine. This is applied automatically with minimal maintenance for the operator.


Autotransformer allows the choice of 208 / 230 or 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 cycle

Two (2) 300 Cubic Meter/Hour Vacuum Pump

The vacuum hold-down system features a 300 cubic meter/hour vacuum pumps. It offers the reliability of a substantial increase in vacuum power and allows the use of spoil boards for nesting full sheets.

Photo Cells and Protective Cage

The SCM Pratix N15 C is equipped with photocells and a safety fence. This system includes barriers on three sides of the machine combined with photocells on the front side, which allows access to the work area.

The photocells stop the work cycle in the operational field of the machine; the barriers prevent physical access to the machine. This system is called active because it prevents any contact between the moving parts of the machine and the operator.


Worktable dimensions:




3660 mm (144.09”)

1550 mm (61.02")            

Spindle (main) motor:

     Power (12 spindles)     

     Spindle rotation speed


3 HP

4000 RPM





11.5HP / 15HP, air cooled (S1/S6 rating)

Tool Changer




20 position - Rear attached to machine base

HSK 63

Drilling Unit

     No. of vertical spindles  



7 in X-axis , 5 in Y-axis

Maximum positioning vectorial speeds:

     X axis             

     Y axis              



70 meters/minute (229 feet/minute)

70 meters/minute (229 feet/minute)



Z axis Stroke

Panel passage



240mm (9.44’)

130mm (5.11”) – with Off Loading System



Dust extraction required



3500 CFM


Operating air pressure (3/4" I.D. hose)



7 ATM (102 psi)


Installed power (dependent upon options)



23 -28.5 KVA





208/230/460 volts, 3-phase balanced, 60 cycles

PC Specifications (minimum):

     Operating system




Windows XP Professional

17” Flat Panel




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